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Step One:

Comment on this blog. Comment on what you find interesting or add something that I may have missed. This is a conversation among all of us. Look below the title of a post and click on “add a comment.” On my blog, you shouldn’t have to start an account, but on others, you will need an account to comment. I suggest taking the five minutes.

Step Two:

Set up an RSS feed in Apple Mail for my blog, a news site, and another blog. Somewhere on each of these there will be a little orange RSS button. Click it. The address that pops into the URL (in this case is the address that you will enter into Apple Mail to receive the RSS feed. Now in Apple Mail, on the bottom of the left hand navigation bar, click on the “+” sign. Select ‘Add RSS.’ At the top of the window that opens, click the button “specify a custom feed URL,” then in the below box, add the RSS feed URL.

Step Three:

Use the Haberman test wiki. Go to Edit an entry, or add a page if you’re feeling ambitious.

Step Four:

Create a Facebook account and join the group Haberman Interactive Learning. Creating an account is very easy, but if you want guidance, grab someone who is familiar with it, and ask for a little help. It only takes a few minutes to create a basic profile

Extra Credit: Read up, a final adieu to print from the Rake