Why is web-based interactivity important?

Web-based interactivity and communications are increasingly important in the daily lives of people in the U.S. and around the world. Print newspaper readership has been on a steady decline, while online newspapers, blogs, videos, and networking grow in popularity.

Bloggers, citizen journalists, and online editors often scoop traditional media, and are establishing more credibility as a news source. Recently, the prestigious George Polk Award in legal journalism was awarded to a blogger, a first in the history of the award.

Companies are making computers for toddlers; senior citizens are one of the fastest growing demographics in terms of using online tools. Internet-based communications are quickly becoming the primary mode of communication, media consumption, and possibly social interaction within our culture.


The One Percent Rule

The One Percent Rule

“If you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will “interact” with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it.”

Charles Arthur, The Guardian