Step One:

Comment on this blog. Comment on what you find interesting or add something that I may have missed. This is a conversation among all of us. Look below the title of a post and click on “add a comment.” On my blog, you shouldn’t have to start an account, but on others, you will need an account to comment. I suggest taking the five minutes.

Step Two:

Set up an RSS feed in Apple Mail for my blog, a news site, and another blog. Somewhere on each of these there will be a little orange RSS button. Click it. The address that pops into the URL (in this case https://annahai.wordpress.com/feed/) is the address that you will enter into Apple Mail to receive the RSS feed. Now in Apple Mail, on the bottom of the left hand navigation bar, click on the “+” sign. Select ‘Add RSS.’ At the top of the window that opens, click the button “specify a custom feed URL,” then in the below box, add the RSS feed URL.

Step Three:

Use the Haberman test wiki. Go to http://sites.haberspace.com/wiki/. Edit an entry, or add a page if you’re feeling ambitious.

Step Four:

Create a Facebook account and join the group Haberman Interactive Learning. Creating an account is very easy, but if you want guidance, grab someone who is familiar with it, and ask for a little help. It only takes a few minutes to create a basic profile

Extra Credit: Read up, a final adieu to print from the Rake