RSS – Really Simple Syndication

RSS feeds are an easy way to make news come to you. By subscribing to RSS feeds, you can have news/information from your favorite sites sent to your own website, inbox, or RSS reader. RSS feeds send articles and information to you as soon as it is posted, giving you quick and efficient access to information relevant to your own life or your professional interests.

One of the most popular ways to subscribe is through iGoogle, which is a simple way to select what type of news you would like Google to display on your iGoogle homepage. However, you can also have RSS feeds sent direction into your Apple Mail Inbox, or download a program that will act like an inbox, allowing you to click through headlines as you have time.

Apple Mail RSS

How can I use RSS to help me professionally?

RSS feeds will allow you to monitor a “beat” or publication more efficiently. Not only can you become more familiar with a given reporter or section of a publication, but you can follow trends, headlines and breaking news.

How can I use RSS to help my clients?

Does your client have a blog, newsletter, website or other changing online content? By offering RSS feeds, individuals actively interested in the client’s organization, cause or company can keep tabs on the client without having to randomly stumble upon new content. Instead you can directly offer the content, or you can offer a link for them to click through (truncated RSS feed).


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